Five Simple rules to be accepted for posting your Boobs to receive a free beach boob sticker!

1. You must be in a bikini, no minimum boob size, all boobs are welcome! Please no nude photos!
2. You have to be laying on your back like your sunbathing.
3. Photo must be taken from the top down showing the boobs as seen in sample below.
4. Must be on a beach, on a towel, sand or beach recliner chair.  Preferably with a view of the water.
5. Send original FULL SIZE / High Res photo to us at Remember to tell us
     what beach the photo was taken from along with your shipping address for the sticker.

limit one sticker per shipping address. Bikini Beach Boobs reserves the right to reject photos that do not meet the rules and guidelines. Rules subject to change.
1-3 weeks for mailing stickers and posting photos. If we use your photo we will notify you via email. Free stickers are available while supplies last!
Sample Sample
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